Tales Cats


Among ToX2’s cats, 19 of them represent Tales characters. Unfortunately, some of their names were mangled in the localization. Here is a list of each cat, their localized name and the character they are supposed to represent:

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I’m actually kind of tired of seeing people go


No, he didn’t change his personality drastically in one year, it was always there. You just didn’t get a chance to see it because he’s in the party across the river.

Wow, I really do suck with Ludger even more than I do with Jude or Gaius or even Milla or Leia, and I don’t even play them that often. However, I can get into the game of playing them easily more so than Ludger. It probably has to do with their personal abilities, skills and artes I guess. I just can’t get comfortable with weapon switching the normal way either. It leaves Ludger open when he does that. And not only that, another stupid thing is that Ludger runs slower with dual pistols on compared to dual swords or sledgehammer. If Ludger maintained the same speed, it wouldn’t be as annoying since I have the skill to weapon switch with L1+Attack while attacking, but if I end up combo breaking with dual pistols, I get into trouble. What the hell. It’s not that I can’t solo battles, it’s how the character plays that determines whether I can solo battle or get into playing a character easily or not, and having played Xillia coliseum solo and the solo battle with Julius using Ludger all on the same battle difficulty, it really tells me how comfortable I am with a character, regardless whether I play them often or not.

Now I play Alvin most of the time, and he is my best character and still is my best character, but really, the main difference for me between playing him and the other mainly/mostly melee characters is being able to execute link artes smoothly and without thinking about it XD

Ugh, I really hate it when you cannot skip credits.

And the Chromatus is so stupidly overpowered that you don’t even need to be able to play Ludger well to do all the battles which requires him to solo and win. You can even use it to win any battles pretty easily if you wanted.

For the record, I have refused to play Ludger since the beginning of the game unless it was necessary, so if you put him in my hands, I would end up playing him even worse than any of the other Xillia characters except for maybe Musee and Rowen.

Time to do the ending I hate the most just for the trophy and costume, and I will never touch it again. And I’m switching it to easy just so it’d be easier and faster.

Of course the rest of chapter is just as bad.

And the game does it again with Milla’s 5th character episode!

I dunno whether to be amused or facepalm at the writers for this…

yume x hanabi replied to your post: Wait, what the heck, I thought the Key…


The gang goes into a fractured dimension in Musee’s 2nd character episode.

But Elle is not with them. Doesn’t Elle, who is the Key of Kresnik, needed for the party members, who are not Chromatus Bearers, to enter fractured dimensions? Or did I remember wrongly?

onizenmaru replied to your post: Wait, what the heck, I thought the Key…

I always figured that because the feathers were unimportant items (kind of like the random items you find around field) that it’s alright to take them from fractured dimensions (though really it is technically wrong)

Actually, I’m talking about the party members, not the items. But even for items, that still breaks canon, important items or not, if I remembered Xillia 2 canon correctly, which seems I did.

anamelessknight replied to your post: Wait, what the heck, I thought the Key…

Yes, it broke itself. Badly.

I guess that I remembered it correctly then.

Wait, what the heck, I thought the Key of Kresnik was needed to bring things into fractured dimensions (I definitely know it can bring things out from them)? Or can a Chromatus Bearer do that also? Am I remembering something wrong?

If I didn’t remember wrongly then doesn’t that mean Xillia 2 just broke it’s own canon with Musee’s 2nd character episode? O_o

…Sting Eucliffe


I love how Sting can changes from this badass guildmaster 


…to this excited little dork.




Random Xillia fact of the day from the World Guidance Book:

The cat that can be found in the Land of Canaan was placed there by Chronos to distract and slow down the party.

And this is why his name is Cheatos.