Ugh, people need to stop dabbling in scanlation without first knowing the basics.

A scanlation release that is 264 MB large and only has 25 pages in it is a BIG NO NO.

This is even worse than speed scanlators that does eye bleeding cleaning job on the raws. At least they don’t release humongous scanlations :/



Tales of Zestiria Official Japan Character Names Will Also Be Used For The Localized English Version »

Bandai Namco Games America has confirmed with us that the recently revealed official names for the Tales of Zestiria characters in Japan will also be the names used for the game’s English localized version.


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“In the end, some of your greatest pains become your greatest strengths.” 

kasuminnz replied to your post: Looks like the new 1/8 Alter figure is…

One coin figures seem to be dead. Nowadays in Japan it’s all nendoroids or $50+ statues

Yeah, I noticed. Sad, they were pretty nice figures and are quite affordable too :/

Well I guess they could make Nendoroids of the other Xillia characters then, I just want something of the other Xillia characters…the mascot straps do not count. I want figures that can stand for display :/


Ash’s Fletchinder by request.

Looks like the new 1/8 Alter figure is going to be Asbel.

It looks like Alter is not getting my money for this one. I really don’t care much for Graces f, not even if it’s Richard. I prefer Vesperia to Graces f and even though I am considering selling my 1/8 Vesperia figures due to space and money issues (but I really hate searching out current market prices ugh so lazy), I am still keeping the smaller Vesperia figures and selling anything related to Graces f from the stash of Tales of Series stuff I have for sale and anything that hasn’t been opened yet.

I am getting Lloyd, Sorey and Alisha 1/8 figures though.

So there.

Okay, so I am currently minding my own business, letting my Brave Frontier game farm for junk units to level my Holy Blades Sefia’s Brave Burst on auto battle and scanning Fairy Tail Chapter 393 all at the same time, then I decided to look at the tags for the "Special Coat" ToX 4-Koma to kill the time it takes for the scan to get sent to my computer, and I saw the most amusing thing in it. Well amusing to me at least.