Elle: The Jude from the fractured dimension was scary.
Elise: But I feel sorry for him.
Teepo: It must have been hard.
Alvin: Honor’s students have a lot of stress.
Jude: “Too much for me”, huh? I knew from the start that it’d be hard. So why did my fractured self give up the research?
Milla: Jude, I have a question to ask you.
Jude: Milla? What’s wrong?
Milla: When I met you, you were a simple medical student. When I asked you to create a future for all the spirits and the people in the world together with me, did my words sealed your future?
Jude: No, that’s not…
Milla: One year ago, this world had already started researching spyrites. Just like that fractured Jude said, you could have left the research to others and pursued a medical career. I heard that you reenrolled in school.
Jude: Yeah, thanks to Gaius and Rowen.
Gaius: I have heard that he was a promising student, with excellent grades.
Rowen: He was also scouted by several research centers before graduation.
Milla: And yet you’re only looking at spyrite research. Could I have inadvertantly limited your options? Did I close the door to all those possibilities you could have chosen instead?
Jude: You once said that if we can’t be honest with ourselves about why we’re fighting, there was no point in fighting in the first place. Do you remember?
Milla: Yes, I do.
Jude: For this past year, there wasn’t a moment where I was not honest with myself.
Milla: I see.
Jude: There’s a lot of hardships, and I’d be lying if I said I didn’t feel lost sometimes, but I don’t regret anything. Besides, I promised I was going to be just fine.
Milla: You’re right.
Jude: Also, I have other interests besides spyrites research.
Milla: Like what?
Jude: For example, I’ve discovered a passion for trains. If I were still a normal medical student, I would have never been able to board the special line.
Alvin: And then you ended up getting caught up in troubles again on that special line.
Leia: Jude’s the type to attract trouble, isn’t he?
Jude: Heheh. But it’s always up to me to decide what to do after I get involved.
Milla: I understand what you mean.

(Anthology Drama CD [Tales of Xillia 2] 2013 Winter, track 3)

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Sharilton, huh? It’s been ages.



Presa: Let’s go grab drinks when I come back. Next time’s on you, right?
Jiao: Of course. I meant what I said.
Wingul: I will join you this time.
Presa: My, how unusual. What about your work?
Wingul: His Highness has ordered me to take a break from time to time.
Gaius: If I don’t order him to rest, he’s the type to forget to eat and sleep while he’s working. It is better to take a few breaks in case of emergency.
Wingul: Pardon me, but I could say the same—
Gaius: I did not hear your answer.
Wingul: *sigh* Yes, Your Highness.

(Drama CD Tales Ring Xillia C85, track 1)


Ollllddd Christmas pic! This one got a lot of views on DA so I’m uploading it by itself.


Ollllddd Christmas pic! This one got a lot of views on DA so I’m uploading it by itself.

ju da su replied to your post: Just a bit of ranting on Chapter 10 an…

…Wait…You SKIPPED Muzee Episode!? O_O Anyway, MILLA-SAMA BANZAI!! XD

I seemed to have missed word(s) in that sentence which would change its meaning.

I’m not actually skipping the episode. I’m just not doing it yet and clearing chapter 11 first and doing it after.

Just a bit of ranting on Chapter 10 and fractured Milla. There are spoilers of course and maybe a tiny dislike here for fractured Milla.

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Well, it looks like high res viewing for photo posts is fixed. I hope it doesn’t break again :/

So, in addition to broken high res viewing on photo posts, I’m having some images that simply refuses to load on my dashboard now matter how long I wait, which I really have no idea is the fault of my internet connection or it’s Tumblr that’s being stupid, though I’m more inclined to believe it’s the latter since I’m not having any problems with other websites. Is anyone else having this problem?

As for the lack of high res viewing on photo posts, it looks to actually be a Tumblr problem…

Whatever. I’m going to bed. I’m pretty fed up with this. Until the high res viewing problem gets fixed, I’m not going to be posting any scans (not that I’ve scanned anything for the moment anyway) :/


The image is too small. You forgot to make it big, because of Pokémon black and white pocket comics.




Anon, most of my scans are actually quite big! Tumblr resizes them to be smaller so they will fit on the dashboard, but it’s easy to make them bigger again. You can see the full size of the image by clicking, “High res” under the image, and then click the image again to see it at its full size. If you’re on the main page of the blog, instead you just click the image and then click it again to make it bigger. I hope that helps!

I’m not sure, but I think Tumblr may have broken image sizes again. Either that or this is an add on related problem or browser problem or some new Tumblr settings :/



This are a couple of screenshots I took by using the “high res” viewing on Tumblr where I clicked on directly from your page and…it’s not supposed to do this :/

If anyone knows how to fix this or is this occurring to anyone else please share D: It’s so irritating and makes those comics hard to read :T

I think it’s a Tumblr problem of some sort, someone else just commented that they’ve had this issue before, too. It’s strange how it strikes certain posts, but other ones work just fine (at least for me). I checked the most recent image post and it allowed me to view it at full resolution. It actually seemed like the B/W Pocket Comics image anon was having trouble with was working as well, but I’m not at my home computer right now so it may just be a matter of not being used to the resolution of the computer I’m on. I’ll check into it more when I get home, if it’s still a problem. If anyone has ideas or is having problems with it, feel free to send an ask in and I’ll look into it. Oh Tumblr, why do you have to have such weird and mysterious problems? :|

I have this problem even with the images I uploaded myself. I tested it a few hours earlier but I’ve already deleted the posts, but I made a blog post on it. I’m not sure what’s up but there were images that were posted by other people (I went to a tumblr tag that I track that most definitely has photo posts and the images are pretty much larger than 500px since they were screenshots via mobile devices and tablets and I tested with similar images) that have this problem too where I cannot view the high res version on Tumblr (high res images on photo posts have a _1280 attached at the end of the file name). It happens only on photo posts since you cannot make inline images larger than _500 versions (I think that is the size). Posts older than I think about 2 days (IIRC that is around the time this started happening) are not affected. It only affects newer photo posts it seems. Maybe you can try uploading new photo posts stuff and see if it still happens? It seems to be a problem that happens when you upload but I’m not sure if it happens to all Tumblr users so I think maybe we all need to test it (or maybe it’s been fixed when you posted the reply XD).

You could try to upload something new when you have access to your home computer and If it doesn’t happen, then I’m going to try and see if it’s fixed XD

But really Tumblr, please stop doing stupid things. It is making comics and translated comics hard to read and I can’t save them in the higher res version -__-